Alone: How do you embrace solitude?

Society puts a lot of pressure on us to stay socially active and focus on work, which means less time for ourselves. So in a world where individualism is hailed, why is solitude seen with suspicion?

Here are some of the resources from the show:

Sara Maitland speaks at the Radboud Reflects seminar:

Jane Mathews speaks at the Happiness and Its Causes Conference in 2019:

Here is the trailer for Wild with Reece Witherspoon:

Books looked at this week:

Sara Maitland: How to Be Alone

Jane Mathews: The Art of Living Alone and Loving It: Your inspirational toolkit for a whole and happy life

Olivia Laing: The Lonely City

PS. I do not receive commission for reviewing books and talks.

Published by suswatibasu

Suswati Basu is a writer, journalist, producer and feminist activist residing in London. She has written for the Guardian, Huffington Post and the F-Word blogs, and has worked for various media outlets such as the BBC, Channel 4 and for ITV News/ITN. She currently works as a senior intelligence expert.

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