How did we get here? Best books to understand current British politics

As some of us in the UK face another uncertain time ahead, given the recent resignation of Prime Minister Liz Truss and her predecessor Boris Johnson, we need to understand what led us to this scandalous situation. With that in mind, here are some books that showcase how we ended up here.

📚 Unjust Rewards: Exposing Greed and Inequality in Britain Today by Polly Toynbee & David Walker

📚 After the Coalition: A Conservative Agenda for Britain by Kwasi Kwarteng, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab, Chris Skidmore, Liz Truss

📚 The End of the Party by Andrew Rawnsley

📚 How Britain Really Works: Understanding the Ideas and Institutions of a Nation by Stig Abell

📚 All Out War by Tim Shipman

📚 Revolt on the Right by Robert Ford & Matthew Goodwin

Check out episode 59 with Professor Lewis R. Gordon on being politically responsible.

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