Books to celebrate Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride Month, a chance to celebrate all things disability, which equates to around 15% of the world’s population. Over the past few years we have heard a lot about representation and allyship; here is the ultimate list of books to begin educating yourself not just for July but beyond. I’ve gathered together some of the best books to learn, engage with and understand all things disability.

πŸ“š I’m Only In It for the Parking: Life and Laughter from the Priority Seats by Lee Ridley

πŸ“š NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman

πŸ“š Crippled: Austerity and the Demonization of Disabled People by Frances Ryan

πŸ“š Coping with Multiple Sclerosis by Cynthia Benz and Richard Reynolds

πŸ“š Halfway Home by Ronan Tynan

πŸ“š Dyslexia Is My Superpower (Most Of The Time) by Margaret Rooke

πŸ“š Permanent Present Tense: The Unforgettable Life of the Amnesiac Patient, H. M. by Suzanne Corkin

πŸ“š  Go Your Crohn Way: A Gutsy Guide to Living with Crohn’s Disease by Kathleen Nicholls

πŸ“š Can I Tell You about Epilepsy? A Guide for Friends, Family and Professionals by Kate Lambert

πŸ“š Endometriosis by Andrew Horne and Carol Pearson

πŸ“š Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century edited by Alice Wong. Check out episode 53 which looks at this book and the importance of being visible.

πŸ“š Fearlessly Different: An Autistic Actor’s Journey to Broadway’s Biggest Stage by Mickey Rowe

πŸ“š Sitting Pretty: The View from My Ordinary Resilient Disabled Body by Rebekah Taussig

Listen to the episode on visibility here:

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Suswati Basu is a writer, journalist, producer and feminist activist residing in London. She has written for the Guardian, Huffington Post and the F-Word blogs, and has worked for various media outlets such as the BBC, Channel 4 and for ITV News/ITN. She currently works as a senior intelligence expert.

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