Hi, I’m Suswati Basu, journalist, writer and your timid host, taking you on a path of key life skills by seeing what the experts say. Discovering what makes us human, exploring important life hacks, and “how to be”, whilst self-reflecting with you all on this one-year journey of improvement.

Have you ever thought why is it that my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances can do so much more than me? Well if you have, you’re not alone. From confidence, persistence, motivation, to resilience – these life skills can help us go a long way in believing in ourselves. This all actually started when I had a meltdown attempting to speak in public.

So I’ve made it a mission, as a fellow unconfidante, to try examine the tips and guides out there to see if it can help. Whilst I am no expert by any means, I have lived experience of feeling the above so hopefully we can take this path of enhancement together. PS. I do not receive commission for the books and guides reviewed.

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