Anti-Coronation Day books: nonfiction reads on the British Empire

Anti-Coronation Day books: nonfiction reads on the British Empire

by Suswati Basu

As parts of the British population celebrate King Charles’ coronation, many subjects will be actively avoiding it – which is why we’re highlighting some ugly truths in these nonfiction books. There are several reasons why it’s important to know the truth about the brutality of the British Empire. For one, it’s crucial we acknowledge the past injustices and atrocities committed by the British Empire as a step towards reconciliation and healing. Ignoring or denying the brutal realities of the Empire’s rule perpetuates historical injustice and can hinder progress towards a more equitable future.

Not to mention, understanding the legacies of the British Empire and its impact on former colonies helps us understand current global power dynamics. The exploitation, violence, and inequality created by colonialism continue to shape our world today. By acknowledging the brutal realities of it, we can challenge the colonial narratives that have dominated history books for generations. This can help create a more nuanced and accurate understanding of history, which is essential for creating a more just and equitable world.

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After all, the legacy of colonialism continues to contribute to systemic racism and inequality in many parts of the world. By understanding the impact of the British Empire on former colonies, we can better address systemic racism and work towards creating a more just and equitable society. Understanding the brutal realities of the British Empire can promote empathy and understanding towards those who have been impacted by colonialism. This can help build bridges between different communities and foster greater understanding and compassion.

Anti-Coronation Day books:

Hence are some books that show the reality and the horrors of the British Empire:

At a time where many people will be marking the coronation, it’s also important to remember this history seen in these books so that we can learn from it and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. Check out These Bodies of Water author Sabrina Mahfouz’s take on the importance of learning accurate history.

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