How To Be… selected as ‘Goodpods Team Pick’ and Ossa Collective podcaster

It’s been an incredible journey so far, and so many of you make it even more special. This week the How To Be…podcast was selected as Goodpods‘ team pick. The award-winning free podcast player hosts the Ossa Collective, the world’s first women-focused podcast advertising marketplace, in which this podcast is a participant of. As aContinue reading “How To Be… selected as ‘Goodpods Team Pick’ and Ossa Collective podcaster”

What to expect in this journey

Welcome to “How To Be…”, exploring how to gain life skills, whilst attempting to gain some myself in one year. Looking into what the ‘experts’ say about how to be confident and whether it is truly helpful? And also hearing from others who have gained some mastery over themselves. Please hit subscribe to hear theContinue reading “What to expect in this journey”