New nonfiction books to read from the Spring Penguin collection

This Spring, Penguin Random House brings to you the most anticipated releases coming out this year! From taking a careful look into racial violence and consciousness to scrutinising body politics, get ahead of the line with some of these recommendations! Penguin General 📚 Intact: A Defence of the Unmodified Body – Clare Chambers 📚 Reality+:Continue reading “New nonfiction books to read from the Spring Penguin collection”

Best self-help, memoirs, and nonfiction books to keep an eye out for in 2022

2022 is set to be an incredible year for non-fiction self-help and memoirs, exploring how we can address global issues while finding hope in our own personal lives, these books are smart, readable conversation starters. Check out some of these new and well known names: 📚 Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? by DrContinue reading “Best self-help, memoirs, and nonfiction books to keep an eye out for in 2022”

Book recommendations for New Year’s resolutions

The new year often offers a clean slate for picking up a good habit, letting go of a bad one, improving an existing skill, or learning a new one. New Year’s resolutions or picking a word of the year on which to set your intentions are a great way to move in the direction youContinue reading “Book recommendations for New Year’s resolutions”

Which books should you read by Joan Didion?

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” Joan Didion in The White Album Iconic American author and commentator Joan Didion passed away this week aged 87 after living with Parkinson’s Disease, according to her publisher Knopf. The esteemed writer was best known for highlighting the realities of counterculture, often concentrating on the subtext ofContinue reading “Which books should you read by Joan Didion?”

Which books could help your mental wellbeing during the holidays?

The Christmas season can be difficult, but understanding issues such as depression, anxiety, burnout and loneliness can be an important first step to coping during difficult times, and helping others do the same. Here is a selection of books that offer clarity and insight into important areas of well-being. Trigger warning: suicide 📚 First, WeContinue reading “Which books could help your mental wellbeing during the holidays?”

What are some good books to read on International Migrants Day?

It’s International Migrants Day, which aims to raise awareness about the challenges and difficulties of international migration. Hence what better way to broaden our perspective of the world and help us build empathy and understanding, especially when it comes to refugees and displaced people by reading the books that showcase this experience. 📚 Second ClassContinue reading “What are some good books to read on International Migrants Day?”

Where to start when reading books by bell hooks?

We lost a revolutionary writer this week, as pioneering American feminist and activist bell hooks passed away aged 69 on Wednesday. Publishing more than 30 books ranging in topics from black men, patriarchy, and masculinity to self-help; engaged pedagogy to personal memoirs; and sexuality, she wrote on a range of subjects that touched the landscape.Continue reading “Where to start when reading books by bell hooks?”

What are the best self-help books of 2021?

Check out the link here: From love and work, life and death, here are some of the books I found (reviewed, and also interviewed the authors!) That can help you to deal with all of the slings and arrows of modern life. 📚 No Cure for Being Human: (and Other Truths I Need to Hear)Continue reading “What are the best self-help books of 2021?”

Amazing books by disabled authors on International Day of Disabled Persons

I’m stacking for a cause today as it’s International Day of Disabled Persons. I live with a rare degenerative neurological illness myself, closest cousin is multiple sclerosis, but it is a genetic version. It’s called HNPP, which stands for Hereditary Neuropathy with Liability to Pressure Palsies. Similar to MS, my nerves are breaking down, andContinue reading “Amazing books by disabled authors on International Day of Disabled Persons”

Every single book reviewed in Season One!

I actually can’t believe I made it 52 weeks with season one, completing an episode a week with the podcast! So it only makes sense to see every single book in one list, all in order of episodes: Mel Robbins: The 5 Second Rule Dr Susan Jeffers: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway: HowContinue reading “Every single book reviewed in Season One!”