Disability Pride Month books: 7 reads to celebrate differences

Disability Pride Month books: 7 reads to celebrate differences

by Suswati Basu
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Disability Pride Month books

Disability Pride Month is observed every July to promote visibility and mainstream awareness of the positive pride felt by people with disabilities – and there are many books from authors with these lived experiences. This month of observance originated in the United States and has since gained traction globally.

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The event emerged from the Disability Rights Movement, which advocates for equal treatment and accessibility for individuals with disabilities. It shares the same spirit of celebration, empowerment, and recognition found in other pride-centric movements.

Throughout Disability Pride Month, people are encouraged to recognise and honour the experience of disability — not as a source of shame or stigma, but as an integral aspect of human diversity deserving acceptance and respect. Participants might engage in parades, educational events, art exhibits, online discussions, and more to further these goals.

Moreover, this month serves to highlight the various achievements of individuals with disabilities and to shed light on the issues they face, such as discrimination, inaccessibility, and social stigmas. Advocacy for policy changes and improved accommodations often comes to the forefront during this time.

Books to read on Disability Pride Month

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As mentioned, we’ve spoken to Porochista Khakpour on her book Sick: A Memoir, where she talks about embracing intersectional identities, including her disability.

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