Every single book reviewed in season two!

Every single book reviewed in season two!

by Suswati Basu
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Another year has passed and we have completed season two with 24 amazing episodes and guests. So it only makes sense to see every single book in one list, all in order of episodes:

  • Jaspreet Kaur: Brown Girl Like Me: The Essential Guidebook and Manifesto for South Asian Girls and Women
  • Alice Wong: Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century
  • Michelle Tom: Ten Thousand Aftershocks: Family, Frontlines, Fallout
  • Scott Barry Kaufman: Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization
  • Nikesh Shukla: The Good Immigrant
  • Mary-Frances Winters: Black Fatigue: How Racism Erodes the Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Piyali Bhattacharya: Good Girls Marry Doctors: South Asian American Daughters on Obedience and Rebellion
  • Ira Chaleff: Intelligent Disobedience: Doing Right When What You’re Told to Do Is Wrong
  • Frances Edmonds: Repotting Your Life: How to reframe your thinking, reset your purpose and rejuvenate yourself time and again
  • Tom Vanderbilt: Beginners: The Joy and Transformative Power of Lifelong Learning
  • Adrian Webster and Dr Jack Lewis: Sort Your Brain Out: Boost Your Performance, Manage Stress and Achieve More
  • Bill Bryson: The Body: A Guide for Occupants
  • Professor Lewis R. Gordon: Fear of Black Consciousness
  • Jessamyn Conrad: What You Should Know About Politics . . . But Don’t – A Nonpartisan Guide to the Issues That Matter
  • Sabrina Mahfouz: These Bodies of Water: Notes on the British Empire, the Middle East and Where We Meet
  • Howard Zinn: A People’s History of the United States
  • Jo Shaw, Ben Fletcher-Watson, and Abrisham Ahmadzade: Dangerous Women: Fifty reflections on women, power and identity
  • Samhita Mukhopadhyay and Kate Harding: Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump’s America
  • Gary Younge: Who Are We — And Should It Matter in the 21st Century?
  • Francis Fukuyama: Identity: The Demand for Dignity and the Politics of Resentment
  • Simon Alexander Ong: Energize: Make the Most of Every Moment
  • Dr Amy Shah: I’m So Effing Tired: A Proven Plan to Beat Burnout, Boost Your Energy, and Reclaim Your Life
  • Drew Povey and Sam Draper, When the Clouds Come: Dealing with Difficulties, Facing Your Fears, and Overcoming Obstacles
  • Pema Chödrön: When Things Fall Apart
  • Gavin Oattes: Life Will See You Now: Quit Waiting for the Light at the End of the Tunnel and Light That F*cker Up for Yourself
  • Bob Goff: Dream Big: Know What You Want, Why You Want It, and What You’re Going to Do about It
  • Symeon Brown: Get Rich Or Lie Trying: Ambition and Deceit in the New Influencer Economy
  • Jaron Lanier: Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now
  • Dr Nerina Ramlakhan: Finding Inner Safety: The Key to Healing, Thriving, and Overcoming Burnout
  • Dr. Gabor Maté: When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress
  • Charlotte Fox Weber: What We Want: A Journey Through Twelve of Our Deepest Desires
  • Luke Burgis: Wanting: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life
  • Seth Godin: The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit
  • Coonoor Behal: I Quit! The Life Affirming Joy of Giving Up
  • Tessa McWatt: Shame on Me: An Anatomy of Race and Belonging
  • Sofie Hagen: Happy Fat: Taking Up Space in a World That Wants to Shrink You
  • Thijs Launspach: Crazy Busy: Keeping Sane in a Stressful World
  • Dr. Jacinta M Jimenez: The Burnout Fix: Overcome Overwhelm, Beat Busy, and Sustain Success in the New World of Work
  • Sadia Azmat: Sex Bomb: The Life and Loves of an Asian Babe
  • Alain De Botton: How To Think More About Sex
  • Simran Kaur: Girls That Invest: Your Guide to Financial Independence Through Shares and Stocks
  • Helaine Olen and ‎Harold Pollack: The Index Card: Why Personal Finance Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated.
  • Dr Neil Fiore: The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play
  • Brian Tracy: Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time
  • Jim Steele: Unashamedly Superhuman: Harness Your Inner Power and Achieve Your Greatest Professional and Personal Goals
  • Deepak Chopra, M.D., Metahuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential
  • Amber Lea Starfire: Journaling For Dummies
  • Dr Lucia Capacchione: The Creative Journal: The Art of Finding Yourself

PS. I do not receive commission for reviewing books and talks.

Extraordinary life lessons with Climb Your Mountain author Sir Ranulph Fiennes How To Be…Books Podcast

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  1. Extraordinary life lessons with Climb Your Mountain author Sir Ranulph Fiennes
  2. How the law works – Unlawful Killings author Wendy Joseph KC
  3. How to talk about death – With The End in Mind author Dr Kathryn Mannix
  4. How the climate crisis affects the most vulnerable – Intersectional Environmentalist author Leah Thomas
  5. BLM and protests in a neoliberal system – Invisible Weapons author Marcus Board Jr

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