How we amplify marginalised voices – with Haramacy editor Zahed Sultan

How we amplify marginalised voices – with Haramacy editor Zahed Sultan

by Suswati Basu
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Ensuring that we amplify marginalised voices is essential for promoting inclusivity, diversity, and social progress, which is something we talk about with Haramacy editor Zahed Sultan. Here are some strategies you can consider:

  1. Listen and learn
  2. Share their stories
  3. Support and collaborate
  4. Give credit and recognition
  5. Use your privilege
  6. Highlight achievements
  7. Promote inclusivity
  8. Donate and fundraise
  9. Amplify on social media
  10. Attend events and workshops
  11. Advocate for representation
  12. Educate others
  13. Vote and advocate politically
  14. Lend your skills
  15. Practice allyship

Remember that amplifying marginalised voices is an ongoing commitment. It’s important to approach this work with humility, a willingness to learn, and a genuine desire to create positive change.

How do you amplify marginalised voices?

Thanks to the following author for participating:

Zahed Sultan is an award-winning multimedia artist, culture producer, filmmaker, and social entrepreneur of Kuwaiti-Indian heritage. His work focuses on the intersection between social justice, technology, and culture and has been presented across various media formats and IRL spaces. He is the founder of a combined arts organisation in the UK and a social impact organisation in Kuwait. Sultan receives particular attention for his audio-visual-dance performances which have been presented internationally. We talked about the book he created Haramacy: A Collection of Stories Prescribed by Voices from the Middle East, South Asia and the Diaspora.

Other wonderful guests who took part:

Andrea Nero, PhD, founder and CEO of Nero Strategies Group and author of “Beggars and Kings: Marginalized People in the Discourses of Early American Scientific Societies.”

Harirata Diallo is a Community Engagement Executive at Imagen Insights, a Gen Z market research and insights platform and database.

Jojo Mehta is the co-founder of Stop Ecocide International, chair of the charitable Stop Ecocide Foundation and convenor of the Independent Expert Panel for the Legal Definition of Ecocide.

Here are some of the resources from the show:

It’s Not About The Burqa editor Mariam Khan speaks powerfully on how we need to change the conversation about Muslim women. Mariam’s book is an anthology of essays by Muslim women produced in response to a David Cameron speech in 2016.

Books looked at this week:

Zahed Sultan: Haramacy: A collection of stories prescribed by voices from the Middle East, South Asia and the diaspora

Mariam Khan: It’s Not About the Burqa: Muslim Women on Faith, Feminism, Sexuality and Race

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