People’s Choice Podcast Awards: nominate How To Be Books Podcast

People’s Choice Podcast Awards: nominate How To Be Books Podcast

by Suswati Basu
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People’s Choice Podcast Awards

The People’s Choice Podcast Awards is an annual event that recognises and honours outstanding podcasts across various categories, and we’re one of the participants!

What are the People’s Choice Podcast Awards?

The awards aim to celebrate the best podcasts as voted by the general public, allowing listeners to have a say in recognising their favourite shows. Founded in 2005 by Todd Cochrane of Podcast Connect Inc., the Podcast Awards changed hands for a short period by New Media Expo in September 2014 until New Media Expo’s demise. The first Podcast Awards show was held in 2006 (awarding shows for the 2005 calendar year) had over 350,000 people vote for their nominated podcasts, with nearly 1000 people attending the awards ceremony.

Podcast enthusiasts and fans can nominate their favourite podcasts in specific categories, such as comedy, technology, true crime, and many others. After the nomination phase, the podcasts that receive the most nominations move on to the voting round. During this stage, listeners can vote for their preferred podcasts to determine the winners in each category.

The awards serve as a platform to showcase and promote noteworthy podcasts, as well as to engage the podcasting community and its audience. They provide recognition to podcasters and their creative efforts, while also allowing listeners to discover new shows that align with their interests. Please note that the deadline is July 31st and we are under the Best Asian Hosted Podcast and Peoples Choice categories.

Check out our Sonic Bloom Awards: How To Be Books Podcast shortlisted.

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