Sonic Bloom Awards: How To Be Books Podcast shortlisted

Sonic Bloom Awards: How To Be Books Podcast shortlisted

by Suswati Basu
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Sonic Bloom Awards

We are very excited here at How To Be Books, as we have been nominated for the Sonic Bloom Awards. The Sonic Bloom Awards are a new program created by She Podcasts to recognise incredible podcasting projects created and hosted by underrepresented voices across the globe. The awards are open to cis and trans women, non-binary individuals, and anyone who identifies as gender-fabulous. Our podcast has been nominated under two categories including ‘Voice of the People’ and ‘Movers and Shakers’.

What are the Sonic Bloom Awards?

The awards are divided into five categories:

  • Legacy: For podcasts that have made a significant impact on the podcasting industry.
  • Craft: For podcasts that demonstrate excellence in production, sound design, and storytelling.
  • Industry: For podcasts that have made a positive impact on the world through their content or activism.
  • Innovation: For podcasts that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in podcasting.
  • Talent: For podcasts that feature outstanding performances by hosts, guests, and producers.

The winners of the Sonic Bloom Awards will be announced in a ceremony in the fall of 2023. The Sonic Bloom Awards are an important step forward in recognising the contributions of underrepresented voices in the podcasting industry.

She Podcasts, who created the awards, is a community and resource for women podcasters. It was founded in 2014 by Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupersmith, who wanted to create a space where women could share their stories and learn from each other. The organisation offers a variety of resources, including a podcast, a blog, a conference, and a membership community.

As a result, She Podcasts is committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable space for women in podcasting. They believe that women’s voices matter and that they deserve to be heard. They are working to change the face of podcasting by supporting and empowering women podcasters.

Check out our prize nomination at the International Women’s Podcast Awards 2022.

I would love it if you could please leave a positive review on any of these platforms! Your support has been utterly incredible!

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[…] Check out our Sonic Bloom Awards: How To Be Books Podcast shortlisted. […]


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