Community: How do we build our communities?

Community is critical to our overall wellbeing and the decline of our connectedness is coming at the same time mental health issues are on the rise. Research¬†from Washington State University found all ages suffer from social anxiety and FOMO (fear of missing out) which are correlated with low self-esteem and low self-compassion.¬†However, communities will dissipateContinue reading “Community: How do we build our communities?”

Friends: How can we develop our friendships?

This week is particularly personal for me as I pay tribute to my friend who passed away last week. So this one is for you Chris. How can we be better or even the best friends possible? Thanks to the following guests for participating: Trin Garritano, co-author and co-host of Friendshipping. Here is the fullContinue reading “Friends: How can we develop our friendships?”