Books for Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health books can be a fantastic resource and entry way into understanding psychology and the way the brain impacts mood, behaviour, and thoughts. Picking up a book can be helpful no matter what your situation — whether you are working through your own mental health journey, brushing up on your self-care, or generally interestedContinue reading “Books for Mental Health Awareness Week”

Which books could help your mental wellbeing during the holidays?

The Christmas season can be difficult, but understanding issues such as depression, anxiety, burnout and loneliness can be an important first step to coping during difficult times, and helping others do the same. Here is a selection of books that offer clarity and insight into important areas of well-being. Trigger warning: suicide 📚 First, WeContinue reading “Which books could help your mental wellbeing during the holidays?”

Alone: How do you embrace solitude?

Society puts a lot of pressure on us to stay socially active and focus on work, which means less time for ourselves. So in a world where individualism is hailed, why is solitude seen with suspicion? Here are some of the resources from the show: Sara Maitland speaks at the Radboud Reflects seminar: Jane MathewsContinue reading “Alone: How do you embrace solitude?”