Patient: How do we practice patience in a pandemic?

Patience is apparently a virtue but that’s something I’ve never been gifted with. And for the past year, in the social-distance and isolation, everyone’s ability to get things done quickly seems to have taken a second seat.┬áNot to mention all the parents out there doing an incredible job juggling work and home life. So howContinue reading “Patient: How do we practice patience in a pandemic?”

Adaptable: How do we adapt to change?

Next week is Rare Disease Day, and for many of us it came without warning. And now everyone is in the same boat, learning to live a life completely different to before. So how do we adapt to change? Thanks to the following guest for participating: Shanna Lee, intuitive healer, celebrity manifestation coach, and authorContinue reading “Adaptable: How do we adapt to change?”