Top nonfiction books 2023: 29 must-reads from Prince Harry to Pamela

Top nonfiction books 2023: 29 must-reads from Prince Harry to Pamela

by Suswati Basu

Are you attempting to stockpile the top nonfiction books for 2023? There’s a huge variety of nonfiction reads to choose from this year, from climate change and eating disorders, to social commentary on race and privilege. Looking across the major publishers, here’s a swathe of some of the top memoirs, essays and deep dives to look at this year:

Top nonfiction books to look out for in 2023:

To that end, watch this space for season 3 of the How To Be Books Podcast to listen to many of these guests right here! Don’t forget to check out the interview we did with Gary Younge in season, talking about identity politics.

Check out the best nonfiction books of 2022.

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