What is motherhood really like? – Don’t Forget to Scream author Marianne Levy

What is motherhood really like? – Don’t Forget to Scream author Marianne Levy

by Suswati Basu
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There are many challenges of motherhood that are not always widely discussed or acknowledged in society. As a result we spoke to Don’t Forget To Scream author Marianne Levy about her experiences. Historically, motherhood has been romanticised as a fulfilling and natural experience, but this idealised image of motherhood can be harmful because it does not reflect the realities of raising children.

Additionally, there are cultural and societal expectations placed on mothers to be self-sacrificing and to prioritise their children above all else. This can lead to feelings of guilt or shame for mothers who struggle or who prioritise their own needs.

Furthermore, the challenges of motherhood can be dismissed as trivial, which can discourage mothers from speaking up about their experiences. This can contribute to a lack of support and resources for mothers who are facing challenges such as postpartum depression, work-life balance, or navigating the healthcare system.

Therefore, it’s important to acknowledge and discuss the challenges of motherhood in order to create a more supportive and understanding society for mothers and families.

So why don’t we hear about the challenges of motherhood?

Thanks to the following guests for participating:

Marianne Levy spent 10 years as an actor and voice artist after studying in Cambridge, before becoming a full-time children’s writer. She has published five books for children and teens. Levy’s journalism began with book reviews for The Independent on Sunday, before expanding into arts coverage. She has written for The Independent, The Guardian and The FT. Her roundups and reviews lead The i newspaper’s children’s books’ coverage, alongside her features and book reviews. In 2018, within a handful of days of having her second child, she felt compelled to write the essay ‘Two Weeks’, which was published on Medium. A few months later, she wrote ‘The Mothers’. The huge response to these essays led her to write extensively about motherhood, both on Medium and for The i. Don’t Forget To Scream: Unspoken Truths About Motherhood was originally published in 2022. Win a copy of Marianne Levy’s book!

Serene Gato is a Birth Doula and HypnoBirthing Educator located in Coral Springs, Florida.

Fashion design lecturer and founder of Black and Beech Stacey Grant-Canham.

Here are some of the resources from the show:

Candice Brathwaite opens up about her experiences as a black mother in the UK with Good Morning Britain. She talks about the awkward conversations she has had with her young children about the racism they have already shockingly faced.

Books looked at this week:

Marianne Levy: Don’t Forget To Scream: Unspoken Truths About Motherhood.
Candice Brathwaite: I Am Not Your Baby Mother.

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